Hello and Welcome

Kuzu Zangpo!

When I share travel stories with friends and mention Bhutan, some people still say: Bhutan? Where is that? So I decided to publish a website about this nation. I visited Bhutan twice: as a tourist and again as a longer staying guest.  I aptly named  Bhutan  ”The Unforgettable Kingdom”. Why is Bhutan special to me? Simply, Bhutan is a country that offers a unique blend of proud traditions with fresh exuberance felt at virtually every corner where one turns. After ages of geographic isolation, the last 50 years have witnessed concerted efforts aimed at responsibly embracing modernity whilst preserving the core Bhutanese culture. A visit to this mysterious land provides opportunities for discerning travellers to witness and  appreciate the distinct benefits of subordinating material goals to the pursuit of inner happiness attained via spiritual enrichment. That says it all. Bhutan should be at the top of the list for everyone who seeks a rewarding destination unlike all others. Visit Bhutan and decide for yourself what you experience there and which impressions you want to take home.
Tashi Delek!