A Bit About Me

Hello dear Visitors to this Website!
995713_10151783420868203_227416346_nI would like to tell you a bit more about me and share with you that I am not just a blow-in but when it comes to travel I know a thing or two. In fact, my first career was in tour operations and I made a name for myself through unique ventures such as the Concorde Comet Chase and promoting Arctic Lapland through ski treks and interaction with the Skolt Sami, not to forget many other years managing Mediterranean and Atlantic cruises and specialised VIP air travel throughout the Middle East. Because of my degrees in politics, cultures and religions I have always infused my journeys with much more than merely beaches, museums, dining and shopping. Instead it has been my aim to understand different cultures. I still retain some interest in the history and evolution of religions as well as politics in relation to the legacies of colonialism and the modern-day superpowers’ competition for geopolitically important access to various regions. I also enjoy investigating natural medicine.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I eventually “settled” in Sydney, Australia. From my base I continue to travel and explore many nations in virtually every pocket of the globe. In several of those I have taken up residence for extended periods of time ranging from several months to a few years, such as in Britain, Greece, Hungary, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Thailand and the United States. Fluent in German, English, Greek and Spanish, I am currently attempting to learn the Japanese language (it is a tough one). At present I have developed a deep appreciation for Bhutan and sincerely hope I can convey this to you through this website. If you have any questions about Bhutan, please feel free to contact me on ilstar111@yahoo.com.au.

Enjoy Hello Bhutan and Safe Travels